Basel Analytics

We offer a system complying with BRSA and Basel regulations and supporting validation, with the advantages of quick support for changes and a local team highly experienced in the field!  
Basel reports were made manually or by using Excel, our system have stransformed the structures into the modules where the data are received from the system and processed automatically, and the reports can be taken from the system via our software that allows examination of checkpoints.
 Basel II SYR Reporting System
When filling in 22 Forms, the Basel II SYR Module offers a transparent structure that allows validation with its powerful data infrastructure.

The system that allows automatic generation of legal reports under Basel II consists of the following modules:

  • Trial Balance Module: This module will allow cross-checking of the Trial Balance with the credit and position data imported into the application.
  • Data Module: This module will allow reception and display of valuation charts, and mostly operate in the background at code level.
  • Reporting Module: This module allows generation of Capital Adequacy Ratio reports by using Excel. Since the reports will be generated in the exact format required by BRSA, there is a flexible infrastructure configuration that simplifies development of reports in case of any legislation changes or updates.
  • Scenario Module: This module creates new reports with stress applied data by defining a Stress/Scenario.
  • Risk Report Module: This module allows creation of the data that forms the infrastructure of the Capital Adequacy Ratio reports in XML and Excel formats within the rules specified by BRSA.
  • Regulatory Control Module: This module generates the Asset and Tridbid reports. It can also generate the report called "Risk Report" and required by BRSA. Credit Risk Stress Test / Scenario Analysis Module: This system allows entering the effects of volumetric increases and decreases, and default and collateral based shocks in KR510 and KR511 forms.
Basel III

The Liquidity Risks are under control with Basel III Module.
  • Within the scope of Basel III, the LCR and NSFR ratios imposed to determine the minimum liquidity level of banks, and the "Liquidity Coverage Ratio of Banks" required by BRSA are calculated. The main function of this module is to determine the procedures and principles regarding the banks' holding high quality liquid asset stock sufficient to cover their net cash outflows on a Consolidated and Solo basis. It may also be available under the ALM Module.