Mindfulness (Attention & Awareness) Practices

One of the greatest challenges individuals face today is keeping up with the high pace of life. Whether that is work-related or family, social, or life in general, finding the resources for mitigating with stress is getting more and more difficult. Science has shown the positive effect of mindfulness practices on the mental, psychological and emotional states. The practices of attention and awareness have shown to positively support individuals suffering from various temporary symptoms –such as fatigue, attention deficit, clarity in thought processing, regulation of emotions, anxiety, stress, temperament, and burnout. So with this program we aim at bringing awareness on the effects of mindfulness -attention and awareness, practices on personal performance, well-being, and general states of being. 

The training involves a modular scheme with four sets of training sessions. Each module contains several aspects of positive psychology, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, and mindfulness. 
• Mindfulness – Attention and Awareness Training
• Positive Awareness – Minding the Positive
• Self-Management – Leading the Self
• Leadership – Social Skills and Leading Others

Expected outcomes of this program:

• Psychological (Emotional) Benefits:
o Increase in sense of psychological health, life satisfaction, and happiness 
o Decrease in negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger, worry, etc. 
o Development in resilience, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-efficacy 

• Cognitive Development: 
o Ability to have an objective perception 
o Clarity in thinking, interpretation and decision making
o Shift from autopilot mode to auto-control and self-determined behavior mode 
o Shift from automatic and impulsive reaction to a conscious response
o Increase in memory and learning speed
o Increase in ability to catch details
o Increase in creative thinking, both inside and outside the box thinking
o Increase in ability to focus on a single matter longer period 
o Decrease in errors due to concentration and attention deficits 

• Social Benefits: 
o More positive social relations through development and increase in compassion, tolerance, empathy, and love 
o Healthy cooperation and teamwork among individuals, due to development in self-confidence, autonomy, competence, flexibility, 
o Re-formation of social structures to a learning, developing and resilient organizations, through detaching from habitual and automatic actions and attaining new ways of behavior. 

• Physiological Development: 
o Decrease in vulnerability towards physical pain 
o Increase in physical energy and strength 
o Re-formations in the brain formation, through new neuron firings and synapses (Plasticity of the brain) 


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