Educational Vision Development

Everyone is unique with their own unique set of talents, experiences and perspectives. We believe in sustainability as a goal and embrace diverse mind-sets. With this in mind, we created a vision pool where we bring professionals, academicians, entrepreneurs, start-ups and students together. We aim ait connecting people to learn, share and make things happen to make a difference to the world around us. Therefore we believe Vision Pool will help each one of our students to discover the right path that most suits to them, and it will also help them reach their maximum potential by making them realize their capabilities and assess growth in every learning experience.
What we do for our students in Vision Pool:
* Find “your” program
• We analyse your background and discover the interests and skills to help you find the programs that are right for you. 
* Provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice.   
• Business and social life in the Netherlands in general
• Educational and social life and other opportunities at the universities           
* Vision Tours 
• Getting to know the Netherlands 
• Guided on-campus tours 
• Question - answer panels 
• Networking events     
* Assistance with preparation of the application for the study program / scholarship    
• Guidance (if needed additional tutoring) in preparation of the application form, CV, motivation letter and other necessary documents. 
• Admissions and registration procedures
• Accommodation policy and procedures 
• Airport pick up and transfer


We become a part of your team and provide solution and result- oriented consulting services aimed at your needs by uniting our market experience in treasury management with our global knowledge.